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 Patient Support Grants

Group of Women

Through our Patient Support Committee, our foundation offers 2 types of grants to adolescents and young adults with cancer who qualify.
These are 1) Fertility Preservation and 2) Living Expenses.

Fertility Preservation Grants

Fertility Preservation – Up to $10,000 per patient/grant. It is well known that cancer and or its treatment may put the patient’s fertility at risk. Also, young women who have undergone cancer treatment successfully may be at risk for early menopause due to ovarian failure secondary to the treatment. The reproductive future of these young patients may benefit from the collection, freezing and storage of their residual follicles or eggs after ovarian stimulation.  Each request for a Fertility Preservation grant is promptly evaluated by our Patient Assistance Committee, and an answer is usually available within a day from the request. The criteria used to award one of these grants is as follows:

  1. Patient’s age 15 to 39 years

  2. Texas resident

  3. Patient to begin, undergoing, or post treatment for cancer

  4. Patient uninsured or insurance company not covering procedures

  5. Patient unable to work full time

  6. Patient and/or family unable to afford cost of procedures

  7. Verification of the above by registered social worker, case manager, or physician from treating institution in writing

  8. Payments for procedures to be sent directly to provider after receipt of invoices

The providers of fertility preservation procedures our non-profit works with are faculty at the Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility Division at the Women’s Medicine Health Center, UT Health San Antonio.

Living Expenses Grants

Living Expenses – Up to $5,000 per patient/grant. The diagnosis of cancer and the costs related to treatment can devastate a young adult and his/her family. Often these young people are just beginning to lead independent adult lives and suddenly find themselves needing the support of parents and family members to afford daily living expenses such as rent, utilities, transportation, and groceries. Our Living Expenses grants are designed to provide a much-needed lifeline to economically struggling young cancer patients. Request for Living Expenses grants are evaluated and voted on by the members of our Patient Assisted Committee, with an answer within one day of the request. The following is the criteria for awarding these grants:

  1. Patient’s age 15 to 39 years

  2. Texas resident

  3. Patient undergoing treatment for cancer

  4. Patient unable to work fulltime

  5. Patient dependent economically on family or/and friends for living expenses including rent, utilities, and groceries

  6. Verification of the above by registered social worker or case manager from treating institution in writing

  7. Check grant to be sent directly to patient/family

For further details and eligibility information please email Dr. Jaime Estrada at, or
call at 210-385-1181.

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